The Review of Freya The Petite Sex Doll from MISEXDOLLS!


The Review of Freya The Petite Sex Doll from MISEXDOLLS!

Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel. Today’s video is so much fun. We are going to be on boxing, and I’m going to be introducing you to my new sex doll from misexdolls. Their website is misexdolls.com. That link is :, in my description. MIsexdolls is known for their On stock dolls, and this doll is actually a lot more petite and shorter than the other dolls that I’ve shown you. I actually like that because it is a lot less heavy, and it’s easier to manoeuvre. Not to mention they actually shipped the two boxes separately. So you’re going to get your head and your body separately that is so great, because they can be very heavy in the box. When they’re out of the box. It’s easier, but how they separate the weight distribution, it’s a lot simpler for you to haul the doll from your door to your bedroom. mi sexdolls was established in 2016, and they strived to produce the most amazing at tpe dolls. They don’t have that traditional, nasty smell that you might have from some dolls, and they have some of the most amazing quality dolls that you can have on the market.

Every single doll comes with its own certificate of authenticity, and you can actually input your doll’s code online and confirm that it is a true sea dull, which is nice. You don’t see that too often, and it’s nice to know that your doll is made of the highest quality and comes from the best brand out there.

So the doll i got today is actually an asian doll. All she is so beautiful. Her name is Freya . She has dark black hair, very nice, milky skin and a very cute petite body. She’s 5 foot 3 and she has f cups can’t wait to show you those, and their dolls are completely customised a ball from the cup size to the ho ll, en ne ss of the breasts and eye color, hair color, et cetera. You can customize your doll to the exact specifications that turn you on. Cool as they even have pubic hair options. So check out their website.


But first, let me introduce you to a Freya . I know she’s dying to meet you here.  she is so beautiful, just look at her face. She is so stunning. She has one of the most beautiful doll faces I have ever seen. She really does have that youthful beauty. And you can tell that misexdolls has really put a large amount of effort into producing her. I the quality is just incredible. And I didn’t have an issue lifting her up and out of the box and getting her dressed. She actually came with this gorgeous lingerie outfit. It’s a baby doll, g string with a cute, little robe that all matches. you don’t usually see that the other dolls that I got just came with robes and bikinis, but this one actually had its own set.

So Freya can look gorgeous and ready for you. I really like that detail. She is a very pretty wig. It is a long chestnut, brown, wavy, veined wig, and it has nice, little soft curls in even has a highlight in the back.

So that’s very interesting. Maybe I could wear the wig myself. If she’ll, let me borrow it. Her boobs are very, very squishy. They’re definitely at large boobs for her petite frames. Her skin is very, very soft, and she is incredibly flexible.

You control her in every way imaginable, which later we’re gonna show some of those naughty positions. I know you want to see her face is just stunning. She has a very cute, flexible knows. She has nice, rosy, soft, squishy cheeks, very nice makeup and its soft makeup. She has just the natural amusement that you would want your girl to have. She has a pretty rosy lip and she has a nice, squishy cheek. Everything looks so realistic and she has gorgeous eyelashes, very natural eyelashes. They look so good on her and they really make her beautiful, green eyes pop.

These Green eyes are just stunning. She has a very pretty expression on her face. It’s very welcoming and it’s very seductive. Freya has three holes and all are ready for you. You can pleasure her mouth. If you would like, it stretches open and it goes very deep inside of her head. But it’s just another addition to your pleasure. I say you start here and you work your way down. Let’s get her hair out the way. So we can look at that gorgeous collarbone, so feminine and elegant, and it really looks amazing. Her skin is so soft.
Now I do want to focus on her hands and her feet for a second. They are very elastic. She is capable of standing. Her feet are very petite. They definitely match her height, and she is the prettiest. French manicure definitely gives me some inspoke for my next manicure myself. Very elegant, and it’s definitely a classy lady’s choice. Her foot is entirely flexible and you can bend it in any way that supports her body and keeps her in the position  you design.

Her hands and her arms move a lot. As you can see, she’s resting her hand on my thigh. We can even hold pants. If we want to her fingers do bend  how you want them to. As you can see. So while you’re pleasure in her, you can hold on to her hand and you can use her fingers to grasp anything ,You want her to The possibilities are just truly endless with her. She also has that french manicure on her nails, to incredible attention to detail on misexdolls.

now, I know you guys are dying to see these f cup boobs. So let’s take off this dress. Just look at the bounce on these things. You can squeeze them, and they’re very flexible. Just like the rest of her skin and her body. They feel just amazing, very, very realistic. Just look at that bounce. Her niples are a very, pretty coral, pink. They’re the perfect size, very sucible.

Now, let’s get her into a position. I’m thinking we start with classic missionary. Just look at this fun position. Do you see how her legs can bend completely to her face? I even put her hands behind her head. She’s bracing herself for what’s to come unintended. You can almost see her pleasure place, Do you see how easy that was for me to bend her? You can contal  her feet and do what you want. Look at her adorable, little tongue. It has a nice belly button and it even has some rib outlining. It just adds more realistic detail, and it’s very squishy and soft. Her waist is so anybody and jealous here is that first look at her vaginal tunnel. Her clit is the exact same color as her nipples, which is very realistic and authentic to a real woman. That is usually how it is. She has pretty lips, and a very nice philtrum. Everything looks so gorgeous, and she even has some hair line followed scalp.

Everything is so attentive to detail. I have her lay and spread here, so you can see deep into her vaginal tunnel. You’re gonna see lots of different mechanisms in there that draw you in, keep you in and bring you to pleasure even faster.

As I stretch her open, maybe you can see the nodules and the ridges that she has inside side. It is very tight. As I go inside. It is completely encasing my finger, and my finger is very tiny. She goes 17 centimeters long. She stretches far larger than that. So she will fit any size. No worries. Just looks amazing. It’s so beautiful. And it’s even oiled in this area, which adds a nice, glistening effect, which makes you think that she is super wet. I have her in this position, so let’s switch her around. I’m thinking, doggy style, and we can take a look at her anal tunnel and her gorges behind. There is her bottom. It’s so pretty her hip to waist ratio is just insane. She looks so good. Just look at that heart. It’s so welcoming. She was a very nice crack and so squishy. Very salitable, definitely something you’d want to do with her, lots and lots of fun.

QQ图片20220729021501And then there is that anal pore.Now it is a lot tighter than the vaginal tunnel, but it goes just as step 17 centimeters. So that means that it can stretch a lot larger than that, just like the vaginal tunnel. Let’s try to stretch this one open. It’s very difficult just because of how tired it is. And I can barely even get my finger in there. Imagine how tight it’s gonna be for you. It’s gonna feel so good. I do feel reachs, I feel those bumps. It seems to a spiral inside somehow, which is interesting. Like I said, it really sucks me in. It’s like i’m almost stuck in there. It feels really good, very, very squishy, very soft against my finger. So against your member, it’s gonna feel much better.

QQ图片20220729021510Now. You can clean her in any position you’d like, but she did come with some cleaning materials. This is a squeezer and funnel, so you can just squirt some water in there to clean her out. She also comes with a tube for cleaning and comes with a heating rod. So that means she can get nice and toasty up in there. She even came with a nice brush for her gorgeous black hair, so you can keep her very pretty and ready for you at all time.

That is it For my review.She is amazing. She’s really great quality. And misex dolls does make a nice doll. She has a lot of qualities and the fact that she has three tunnels. It’s so awesome. I love her face. She’s just the prettiest. I can’t wait to add her to my collection and and we’re gonna be doing some content together. So you better add me on only fans. If you want to check her out or check out all of the amazing dolls on misex dolls, then you can go to misexdolls.com. That link is gonna be in at, my description, and I might even have something special for you down there.  Also comment what you think of Freya . If you want me to do a different doll next time, please let me know maybe misexdolls will sponsor another dolls, maybe a redhead next time.  Thank you so much for watching. Thank you.

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