Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel. We are going to be reviewing a sex tale today. My favorite things to a review are dolls. So that means I’m gonna have another goal. Gorgeous girl to add to my collection. Today’s video is sponsored by misexdolls. The name is very suitable for the product, obviously. Being a sex doll, these dolls are beautiful, and I decided to get a very different doll than what I have normally gotten. So I am so excited to share her with you guys. Now, misexdolls does have customizable dolls, which is the one that I got. And they also have stock dolls, even us stock dolls. That means that the delivery will be super quick.

Now, they have dolls from all different nationalities,  you can customize everything from her fingernails to your hair color, to her skin colour, to her eye colour, to her boob size, body shape, everything you can think of. It’s all customize go on misexdolls.com. So you guys, without any more delay, let me introduce you to Cynthia. the first thing you’re gonna look at is her gorgeous face. But the next thing you’re gonna look at are these big melons. I these aren’t even cantaloupes. These are watermelons. They are a size f just wait, we’ll get to those. I want to focus on her skin. It is atpe excellent material for cleaning and also very long lasting and doesn’t scratch near came in this massive box, but obviously no markings on it. So no one will know what it is.

Now Cynthia can be penetrated in three ways, orally, vaginally and annually, really, really naughty Cynthia is she has beautiful black girls. The color is just exquisite and it is just so shiny. The hair quality is just incredible. It is very soft, very beautiful. Cynthia has one of the most pretty of faces that i’ve seen on a doll. Her face is very squishy, but her lips are incredibly luscious.

Now, you do notice teeth on her lips. But I do wanna mention that her teeth are that tpe material as well. It will not hurt you. It’s just going to be there for individual effect. Her makeup is very minimal. She has a plaque, smoky eye that really adds more sexiness to her. Look, she has beautiful, painted on eyebrows, and her lips are a nice, rosy, pink colour. Her nose is squishy and cute, and her face overall is just stunning. She really is one of the prettiest dolls that I’ve seen. I just love her features. She has really pretty top and bottom eyelashes as well. Just like me, we both like to wear long eyelashes, and I really think her makeup compliments her personality.

Let’s take a look inside that oral tunnel. She has never been penetrated in here. Just look at that. It is so tight and it goes so deep. So don’t worry about your size. She can deeper through you, no problems, so tight. And just like that, she snaps right back, no issues about how stunning ahead. She is just so beautiful. Now Cynthia is petite, even though her breasts are so large, the rest of her body is a very slim fit. Look, she does have a tiny, little waist and a nice wide hip, and a large bum. Looking down at her collarbone, which beautifully resembling a real woman’s upper torso, very complementary to her chest. I these things are definitely stealing the show right now, E cup breasts, the biggest ones I have ever seen on a sex doll, just amazing. And then she has nice petite arms.

Now, let’s take a look at bees, and huge watermelons. Just look at those. The Cynthia is 5.5 feet. She’s just right, on average, very realistic for a real woman to be. And these breasts obviously are not the norm. I an E cup boobs with this little tiny frame that she has. Only on misexdolls. Could you get something like this? And the fact that she is Canada stock doll, means that she is completely available.

Now, if you would want her it is incredible because she is definitely appealing to a lot of audiences with these looks at that bounce and her strong skeleton can hold up.

All this top weight. She has a full metal skeleton, and she can bend and flex in any position that you can think of. And towards the end, I will show you some of those sessions. Her nicles are small, but they have a nice hardness to them, and they’re also very squishy. The whole boob itself is very squishy. Just look at that. And the way they bang and bounce, just imagine her bouncing on top of you. Or when she’s doggy style, how much they’re going to bounce like that. There are so many possibilities, not any possibilities with these things. Her nipples are a pretty peach colour, and it really compliments the rest of her features. And her hands. Very elegant. She has a nice french manicure. That means it just has white tips. And her hands can bend in any way possible. And you also see some knuckle formation. So she looks so realistic and just stunning.

Now, look at that little tiny waist. She is so petite for having such big knockers. It is amazing, but her booty is surprisingly round and fit. It looks amazing with her body type. Here’s the demonstration of just how flexible her body is. You see how easy it is for me to adjust her arm. It is the same for her back and her feet and legs.

I’m going to put her in a classic missionary position, and then we can take a look at those tunnels here. My personal favourite missionary, as you can see, I have bent her legs in a nice position for easy access. There you can see the full view of that vaginal tunnel and what details it has. I love the look of her labia and her clitoris. It is very pretty and very realistic. It looks just like a flower.

And then look how fat, phat fats just stunning, very squishy, a lot of cushion for the pushin, as they say. And then you can see her cute little navel, and even a peak of that anal tunnel, which I’ll be showing you when I flip her around for doggy style. But it’s just so beautiful. She is very, very tight. And she has never been opened. So I have to break her seal. It is so tight in there. It is insane, so soft and incredibly tight. Let me stretch her open a little bit more to give you a full view.

So near goes incredibly deep. And I can’t even find the part where it gives up a little bit. I do feel some bumps in there. I feel a lot of ridges. And she is so tight. It is like I have to use a lot of strength just to keep it open, incredibly tight. It snaps right back. That is probably one of the tightest ones I’ve ever felt. I feel like I just went through a workout. That is how tight her vaginal tunnel is. Crazy, impressive, and really, really soft with some lube. I think you’ll go right in and it’s gonna feel tight, but you’re gonna feel that amazing pleasure from those ridges and those bumps, and not to mention the incredible, tight grip that near has.

MYYJXPYEOTK31BMIBAHere is that booty, I told you it was really fit, but it is still round, definitely still super squishy. It feels so good. A really good slap to it. I can definitely see you guys enjoying that. She is very sturdy. Her knees hold her up and soda her hands, and you can even see her huge breasts from the back. So stunning the way that she looks in this position, her back looks amazing, arched. She really does have a beautiful, tiny waist and wide hip ratio. And here you can even see her anal tunnel. Let’s see what that’s like, beautiful colour, very similar to the nipples. It is a peach colour, and I definitely feel the ridges in the front a lot more. This one really tight opening. The anal tunnel has the tiniest little hole to get inside. You’re gonna need some lube, but she’s gonna eventually loosen up for you, and she’s gonna feel amazing. But she’s gonna go right back to her original placement. Don’t worry about that. Material is very good quality for that. But look inside, you can see those bumps and ridges, very tight, amazing, beautiful crack here, beautiful lines, just stunning.

95ICUI0Y2VRI2 QRA6DYAnd then you can see how she works out, how that muscle pops out right here before it meets the thigh. So realistic. She is so beautiful. Cynthia is officially one of my favourite dolls. I just love so many things about her. She’s so stunning guys that it’s just beautiful. I know you guys are going to love her and you’re gonna love anything for most wives. They have a lot of different options. So check out their link, which is in my description,misexdolls.com.

Later on, see you guys can join my onlyfans if you want to see some more content from us, what do you think Cynthia? Yeah. It’ll be a lot of fun. Neither came with a cleaning product, she came with an outfit, she came with a blanket, lots of goodies and your doll will too. So bye for now from Cynthia, I and I will see you on my next doll boxing and leave you. Thanks so much for watching. And thank you misexdolls.

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