Adult Sex Doll Morgan Review! MISEXDOLLS Love Doll Review

MISEXDOLLS Love Doll Review

Adult Sex Doll Morgan Review!

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel. Today’s video is one of my personal favourite adult products to review. Today I’m going to be introducing you to a brand new sex doll from misexdolls.com. They actually have a partnership with a manufacturer that delivers amazing adult products. And all other sex dolls are amazing quality. And they even have something different that you might not have seen before because of their factory alliance. They actually get factory prices that you get the best deal on. The best dolls. misexdolls.com has a lot of different options. Just looking on their website. You see so many different dolls, so many sexy choices, the doll I have for you today is going to blow you away. They actually have free shipping with every tall and they have really quick shipping too. She got here really fast. Not to mention the boxes themselves have no markings of what is inside. It is completely discreet. So you’re gonna get a big package.

MISEXDOLLS Love Doll ReviewsSo no one’s gonna know what’s inside, or should I say no one’s gonna know who’s inside. They even have four different certifications for their tpe dolls they produce. So without anymore delay, you guys let me introduce you to my first petite asian doll. And her name is Morgan. So here is Morgan. She is so beautiful. Just look how petite she is. Obviously, everything about her is petite, and she has two characteristics that is so different than any other doll that I’ve ever shown you. She is the most powerful, doll, and I’ll get to that in a second. But just look at her beautiful features. She has a really realistic tpe skin. She was entirely customize a ball and I did basically everything down to her pubic area, which I’m excited to show you for the first time, pubic hair.

So I will give a great demonstration how a powerful her body and her skeleton is. It is all steel boned, and she can be put in so many different naughty positions, every fantasy you can think of Morgan can deliver, and she is not just going to be a stiff doll. She is going to be gyrating and thrusting her hips all along your penis while you stroke. It’s so incredible what she can do. She came with this power adapter. It just plugs right under her armpit. We’re gonna focus on some of her details.

Here. I do want to show some closeups of just how beautiful she is. Skin is a gorgeous, pink flush tone. She has beautiful, painted on eyebrows that looks so realistic. Obviously, she is a natural brunette, but it’s such a silky and dark, rich, brown color. Her hair is short and whimsical. She has gorgeous, effortless makeup. She has long, thick eyelashes, so sexy and romantic. She has a deep, dark, brown eye color, so beautiful. And her eyes are massive. Just look at the size of those eyes, but they looked excellent with her face shape and her face size. She has a cute, little button, knows very flexible. You even see a little bit of rosy cheek and some eye shadow.

Now her lips are just beautiful. You can see how she has a gorgeous cupid’s bow at the top. If she has a nice, thick, lower lip and you can even see a bit of her teeth. Don’t worry. They’re not sharp. They’re actually the same tpe material as her lips. So while it adds a realistic appearance, it’s going to feel very, very good.

Now, Morgan can be penetrated three different ways. She does have an oral tunnel, and it goes deep within her mouth. As you can see, it spreads open and it is incredibly tight in there. I can not find where it ends, just look at that grip, and she flexes right back to her original state. So stunning, she ate beautiful face from twice person, and I really love this wig. Her hair is very fun and artistic. As you can see. She likes to keep it interesting with a gorgeous, blue highlight going along her face. And now let’s move down to her actual skin. It is so realistic. The attention to detail. She has freckles along her skin. She has indents on her collarbone to outline those gorgeous, petite shoulders. She is a lot smaller than your average girl. Like if you compare to me, twice person has thicker dolls. As thick. As you can imagine. I really do love her skin texture. She has veins in her skin lines, and her blood vessels are all all visible, just adding even more realistic characteristics to Morgan.

She’s just so amazing so much attention to detail.But I do have a few more things that I have to show you before. Then I do wanna focus on her nails and her feet. She does have a french manicure, just like me. We are twinning today. Her fingers are very flexible, and so is her hand. You can even see some of those freckles. And you can even see her skeletal structure on her large tone. And her toenails are naturally a beige color, and they’re perfectly kept and clean. Everything is movable on her body, including her hands and her feet, and her fingers, down to. Even her back. And one thing about her is she did come with her legs separated.

I thought that made it a lot easier to haul her around. She did come in two separate boxes because of that. But it just made it a lot easier if you’re traveling with her. If you’re moving, I’m sure you guys wonder how do you get this doll from a to b she does disassemble, so it makes it a lot easier, especially. Her weight is not going to be as dramatic as the normal dolls that are completely attached.

So I’m gonna show you how that looks as well. But I did want to show you what it looks like when she would be cowgirl. And just how cool that it is, the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. This is my first doll that is mechanical. So this is pretty cool for me, guys. And I have a lot of different dolls and I’ve seen a lot of different toys. She is the most advanced, all that I have received thus far. So cool. She is really, really fascinating. I say it’s time that we show off her breasts now.  They look so realistic.  I obviously these are her natural breasts. They do not look overly fake and they are a petite cutie like the tangerie. Very grascable, even though they’re small, you can still have something to squeeze and hold on to. It is a beautiful color.   But her boobs are very, very squishy. She has a jelly fiber gel that is inside of her breast, which make them so squicible and squeezable.

And just it’s so realistic the way they feel. They are such a stress reliever.

Her nipples are a beautiful, peach color, and they’re nice and hard because she is horny for you. Just look at that. They feel so good and the petite , they’re just so cute. You  can see  her navel. She has a really nice, anybelly button and acute little waist .You can even see how she’s kind of sucking it in. I do want to show you how easy it is for her to bend her legs. Just like that, you can bent her in any position you want.

Here we can look a little bit at her vaginal tunnel. It is a really nice size, it has ridges, it has a really authentic design to it. You can easily see her tunnel. You can see her libia, her clitoris, and it’s a nice, peachy color to match her nipples. And her anal tunnel also works inside of her baginal tunnel inside. You’re gonna see bumps. She goes at very, very deep, and she does have ridges and bumps. Those are just going to add more pleasure to your experience. Her clitoris even has like her clitoris even has in dense, like a normal, like woman’s vagina would look.

So a lot of attention to detail there. It is a petite pussy, so it is smaller than your traditional vaginal hole. Very nice design inside goes so deep, and it is so tight. You’re going to love that. Let’s flip her around, and we can look at her doggie style. Here she is in one of the most popular positions and always the most requested. She has such an amazing booty. Just look at this doggy style arch. She has a very strong skeleton that can hold her body weight up in this position while you go to town. Her booty is so squishy for a petite girl. I have to say she be in the gym because this booty is looking so good. It is so squishy, but has that muscular shape. It even has indents here before it meets the thighs, more natural and realistic appearance to her body. She is a nice crack and well, there you can even see her vaginal tunnel from this position super tight when she puts her legs together.Adult Sex Doll Morgan Review MISEXDOLLS Love Doll Review

And then there is that crazy, tight anal tunnel. It has a darkening on the anal tunnel, realistic appearance. Again, all these good signs you guys and she really is just just fascinating. She is so beautiful. Let’s take a look inside that anal tunnel, and then we might have to say goodbye until you get her yourself. Of course, it is so tight, too. She has more pointy bumps on the inside, sell tpe materials. So don’t think negative. When I say pointy. It’s just going to be more rigid, and it’s going to feel even tighter. It’s going to suck you in even more than the vaginal tunnel. Because we all know the booty is tighter. It’s not the same pleasure, but it’s a different experience.

So whatever you guys want that night, you can switch it up both, do one at a time, switch to the oral. It’s all up to you, but tight and so deep. Just incredible. You guys are gonna have a lot of fun with Morgan. She’s gonna be having a lot of fun with you with that hip thrusting emotion. All right, you guys, that is the end. We’re gonna have to say goodbye to Morgan. I can’t wait to do more beautiful dolls. So please get this review, a thumbs up. So I know you guys want me to do different dolls. Please tell me a different style doll. You want me to do next.

says goodbye. And I will see you guys on my next doll review. Bye.

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MISEXDOLLS Love Doll Review

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