Sex Doll Review with MIsexdoll -1


Sex Doll Review with MIsexdoll -1

Hi, there, everyone. My name is Alice Biddle, and I am a legal sex worker at the moonlight bunny ranch. Today I have a very special guest with me, a sex doll. So as many sex dolls have been showing up more and more in headlines and media, I thought it was a bad time that I bring one to YouTube.QQ图片20220728190422
So today we’re gonna talk about what the doll does, its capacity and how it’s made, taking a look at the sex style. The first thing that we’re noticing is that she’s life-size. She quite literally is 18, but 10 inches tall. So she’s actually a couple of inches taller than I am. Go figure, I love the fact that she comes with this nice, bright, red wig.
Though, on the website, you’re actually able to customize your doll and pick out the hairstyle and eye colour preference of your choice. She’s made out of high-quality silicon and has multiple holes of entry.
One of the first things I’m noticing about this doll is that it’s actually articulated. If we zoom in on the hands, you’ll notice I’m actually able to manipulate and pose each finger individually. These nails are simple to press on, so they can be removed and switched out for different styles. If you so choose. When the spell first arrives, it does require a little bit of initial assembly. First, the head needs to be attached to, the doll. And I’ll tell you right now. It looks a little bit creepy as you’re spinning it into place because it quite literally has a screw bolt that attaches at the neck.
Told you once it’s in place, then you slide the wig into position, dress the dolls, and you’re ready to go. The doll does have several points of entry. First, we have the mouth. You’ll see that the mouth actually opens up and it’s textured slightly at the back of the throat area. It does open up all the way for full penetration purposes, so you can comfortably use the doll.
taking a look at some of the other anatomical elements of this doll. We have a very well-endowed chest, which is very soft, and very fun to school, is the nipples are also made out of that nice silicon material. It actually feels quite nice when you play with them in your hand.QQ图片20220728190511

Now, to take a look at the rest of her anatomy here, If we take a look between her legs, we will find anatomically correct labia, vagina and clitoris. You’ll also notice that the interior of the vagina is also texture. So this way, as you’re sliding in and out, you actually get that amazing sensation as if you’re genuine with a real woman, all right.
So now that we’ve gotten to talk a little bit about what the doll does. Let’s talk a little bit about why somebody would want a sex style in the first place. As you can imagine, countless Americans struggle with intimacy and finding a partner that’s a good fit for them.
A sex style is a really cool solution in the sense that it’s lifelike, it’s full size. So this way you feel like you’re with another person.
And most importantly, it’s not allowing you to cause a death grip. What’s death grip? Death grip is the thing that’s ruining your sex life. Death grip is the phenomenon in which a man, unfortunately, grabs his penis a little bit too tightly during masturbation sessions.
If you are like stimulating your penis, you’re doing it wrong, don’t do that. You’re doing it wrong, don’t do it. You should not be mutilating your penis to the point where you feel like you’re gonna work it right off. Instead, you something like a master baiter cup or a sex style which is even better.
This is quite literally as close to real life as you can possibly get in today’s day.QQ图片20220728190459

you feel that the joints are hinged, and all of the different holes are fully operational and functional, just like on a true lady, not to mention the fact that it is also customised a ball and can be designed to your physical preferences. It really gives you freedom of control. It allows you to explore fetish in fantasies without having to worry about what the other person’s focus is.
For a lot of people, having a sex style can be a really great way to get some of those needs and urges. Think about it if somebody’s into rope bondage and they don’t have a partner to tie up, why not get a sex style to practice on? It makes perfect sense.

It seems very strange and taboo. When we first look at it, you figured the synthetic care, the rubber lips, the acrylic nails. But at the end of the day, this really isn’t such a strange product at all. In fact, it’s quite understandable why they’re so popular. If you’re interested in getting a sex style of your own, I highly recommend the sex style company(misexdolls.com).
They produce high-quality products, made out of medical silicon and are able to customize each teaching every doll to your specific desires, make sure to check out the link in the description if you’re interested in getting a doll of your own.

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