Curviest Doll reviews! Introducing Jessey: The Exotic European Extremely Curvy Doll From misexdolls


Curviest Doll reviews! Introducing Jessey: The Exotic European Extremely Curvy Doll From misexdolls

Hey, guys, Right here, I have Jessey who is going to be your new favourite doll, just like she’s mine. You guys know, I have so many dolls, but honestly, once I saw her out of the box, I was just in love. She is so gorgeous. Just look at her face, so beautiful. She definitely has that European, gorgeous. Look at her. She has an incredible body. I know you guys are dying to see these big boobs. I am just obsessed with her design, and she has really crazy qualities, unique qualities, and high qualities that you do not see in dolls. And the company that made her is the best real doll. Their website is the best real doll dot com. They have lots of different dolls, but this one has to be one of the best dolls I’ve ever seen, just because of her incredible detail.

And how realistic she really is. As you can see, her face is beautiful. She has real hair on her eyebrows. That’s the first she actually has stitched in the hair on her scalp. Yes, I said that correctly you can comb her hair and style it, however you want, she even has a hairline. Gorgeously made, her hair is a beautiful jet black, very soft, silky and shiny. She has the biggest breasts, the smallest waist, and the most gorgeous round hips and booty. Her skin even has bumps on it. As if she has oily, healthy skin, she has gorgeous, green eyes that have a little hint of brown in them. She has a nice, sexy pucker that is slightly open just to give her that incredible sex appeal. Her lips are even wrinkled like yours, and mine is. How incredible that is. Her nose is very petite and small. It is gorgeous. Hizzled might I add?

And her eyelashes are also stitched in very sturdy, too. Some eyelashes, I’ve noticed, are just a strip lash which might even come off, but hers. All of the hair on her body is attached to the soft tpe material itself. So it’s not going anywhere. And she is very, very durable. And she’s going to last a long time.

Her mouth has a slight opening it, like I said, you can see a peak of her gorgeous, white teeth. Her makeup is very on-trend. It is a soft, beige, smoky eye, something I definitely would like to do myself. Her hair is just so stunned. And her ears, they’re even sturdy enough to hold her hair behind her ear. Just like normal girls, she can do that. Her hair is very long and layered, similar to mine, except she has that gorgeous black colour. She has curly baby hairs, right? At the tip of her hairline, so many details that just add to her amazing life-like appeal. She does have goosebumps everywhere on her chest and on her arms, and especially on her legs, right here on her thighs, you’re gonna see those goosebumps, amazing detail. She has gorgeous collarbone. I always find a woman with a colour bone protruding to be sexy.

What do you guys think? And her skin tone is tanned, she’s been going to the beach. She also gets a little spray tan to stay nice and golden for you. You can comb her hair, you can style it. Lots of different ways, maybe put it in a ponytail. So you can grab onto it. When you’re in the doggy style, you can put it in pigtails.  So many different fantasies, you can imagine dressing her up in different outfits, and then styling her hair exactly to match your fantasy. So many different ways you guys can go about using your beautiful fairy at here. And you’re just going to enjoy every minute of it, especially when you’re bouncing these big gigantic watermelons in your face and seeing that gorgeous booty bounce up against you.

Another thing about freer is that she actually has small hands that are kind of chunky. It really makes you think she is a real woman.
Obviously, we have veins that do protrude through our skin. Her tan skin does cover it just because it’s such a beautiful, dark colour. You’re still gonna see some of that blue in the areas that are thinnest just as a real woman, and her veins on her hands even protrude out of the skin. You can feel the veins absolutely incredible, and so does her feet? I am just so amazed. I’ve never really seen anything like this before.

Now, let’s get to these giant mongols breasts that they’re just incredible. You guys, as you can see, they are huge. Every style bikini does not fit. Can you imagine her in many positions, including missionary, while they bounce? As you are entering her, it’s like a real woman. What? So incredible? Let’s take this top off and show you these huge watermelons of hers. Just wonderful. You guys absolutely incredible, never seen anything like this in real life. When you have a serious fetish for gigantic breasts, Jessey is the best way to go because she’s going to have the size that you like. She’s gonna have no problem bouncing them all the time for you have very nice flexibility to them and a gorgeous hang.

A belly button are so big. Just look at that for her tiny little frame. These breasts basically take up her entire torso. She has a gorgeous peach-colour nipple, and it is a really nice nipple because of the size. It is very proportionate to her breast size. Even though it is considered a small nipple, it still has that decent length and width to it that a real woman with this size breast would have. It even outlines the nipple itself just as a real woman’s breast, super sucible and squeezable. And the space between her breast is very tiny, perfect for something to fit between. Here’s that other nipple, the exact same quality, gorgeous darkening of the nipple, just as a real woman would.

Absolutely stunning. So squeezable, too. Just look at that. Amazing. You guys have never seen anything like that. So big. Then here I do want to focus a little bit on her waist because she has a really nice belly button. It is beautifully crafted by the best real doll. And she even has a little ridge there, and it isn’t any, but it has the inwards of a real belly button. I just amazing her quality and attention to detail. Her skeleton is metal. She is fully functional in every position you wanna put her in. She’s very sturdy on her hands and her elbows, her knees, and she can even stand up, right? If you would like to just imagine the positions you can do well standing.

Now you guys, let’s put Jessey in a different position. I want to show you what she can do when you flip her around. Hey, guys, from the backside of her booty, here she is in a position. She hasn’t quite taken her pennies off all the way yet. It’s still lingering in her fingers. She’s brought in about halfway to her knees.

Now, some of, you might just want to penetrate right now. You probably can’t wait till she gets them fully off, and maybe you can use them to hold on to while you’re hitting it in this lovely position, you can bend her legs in many ways and stretch her in lots of different naughty positions.

Here you see that gorgeous tunnel and her anal tunnel and vaginal tunnel are both easily accessible in this position. Her vaginal and anal canal are close together and you can just tell how intricate and detailed her anal tunnel and vaginal tunnel are. Tell them they used a real woman’s vagina to lay out how it actually looks. You can see the wrinkles following her tunnel itself. You can see her labia. With so many lips, you can see a gorgeous, detailed clitoris. It even shines. It has nice darkening in the right areas. She’s come completely shaven for you. It is very tight and small, and it just grips immediately. The colour is coral, and it matches her.  Her anal tunnel is also very, very tight, even more, tight and small, and it has that darkening as well. And her entire crack has a darkening. So realistic, absolutely stunning. So much attention to detail.QQ图片20220729212242

Now, when you stretch your open, you’re gonna see some ridges and bumps. It’s very hard to stretch her open, just because of how incredibly time she is. But perhaps you can see inside this way. Now, this position for ladies is our lazy position, especially when we’ve been working all day. We just wanna be relaxed with some good d this position is so easy, effortless, and also very pleasurable. Here, you see her gorgeous bum. Look at those intentions where her booty meets her thigh. Her design, she really is incredible. You can stretch open her big ginormous booty and reveal that anal tunnel right there, gorgeous curves that just align with her hips. Now she could possibly be a natural girl. But overall, she’s just amazing, so stunning. I love every bit of her.QQ图片20220729212002

Now, let’s do a nice smack test. My, that is nice. You guys just imagine what you can do with her. How are you guys? That is it of my review of this doll? She’s so beautiful. Definitely.  Now you guys can comment down below what you think of Jessey. If you like Jessey. I’ll see you on my next dull review. Bye. Bye, bye bye.

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